Friday, September 08, 2006

Convoy Race

This kiddie ride consists of a few little trucks that move around a track with a little hill built in..
REAL trucks hurtling over mountain passes and cliffs to certain fiery death do not elicit the screams that this ride does.
And this is Susan. Her job? She said she tries to keep the hysteria to just below the boiling point. She stops the ride if it's too much for a kid or tries to keep the panic from moving from car to car. She has this very nice gentle nature and a southen accent that even calmed me down a little. Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Jkirlin -

On a sidebar....
Have you ever seen the Lemax Village collectible series?

They are good reproductions of villages, trees, scenery, people, etc. that are mainly for putting under the tree at Christmas. They also could serve as villages for model railroads. They light up, and sometimes move.

Which brings me to a new series they introduced this year -
Carnival. It is rides, booths and people from a carnival! I know it is not real (duh!) but for someone like you, that has expended considerable effort in photographing real 'Carnies', it might be something you would want to display, (like 'The Starburst' ferris wheel) and perhaps capture in macro photography adjunct to your main body of work. At very least, the ferris wheel is cool!

For examples, see,,,,,,, and

They are available at a number of websites, and real stores like Sears, Michaels, Boscov's & Lowes(under 'Carole Towne' name). I just started collecting Lemax last year. I have always liked villages under the tree, but despised cheap ones. The only ones better than this are Dept. 56, but they are VERY expensive.

Stupid question - where do Carnies go in winter? All in Florida and warm states, or to other jobs?