Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Pitch

The Jointees (Game workers) have the toughest gig in the show. People will line up for food and rides, but they need to be lured into playing the games. One said to me, "The ride jocks? Button pushers once the show starts. WE do all the work after set up."


Anonymous said...

I beg to differ I think its wa harder to be working in a food concession..shit i made 3200picies of pizza in 3 days ouch!! I am tired! signed PizzaBitch

Anonymous said...

yeah i work in games. Also worked rides when i first started out in the business........(hated it)........but.... I refuse to do food because i dont wanna have to make 3000 fried doughs or something. I enjoy thinking of stupid sh^t to say to people all day anyways


Anonymous said...

what, no love for the lumber monkeys,the splinterheads, the jointies? All I saw were pics of ride boys. hey man, there's two sides to every midway.